Industrial Fan - Wall, Stand, Exhaust, Axial, Pedestal

Power / Semiconductor Fuse

Industrial Plugs and Receptacles

Electronics Measuring Instruments

Inductive Sensors

ELCB, ELR, MCB, MCCB, Timers, Contactors, Overload Relays, Starters

Exit Light and Emergency Power Pack

LED Street Lantern High Bay & Flood Light

DS Decontactors
The quality standard for manufacturing industry.

The largest and most complete range : covering rated currents from 30 to 250A, available in metal version from 90A, with many options. Meets most manufacturing industry needs. Up to 1000V AC and 250V DC

Forming a fully integrated system for safe, efficient and effective protection and control of electrical distribution systems.

Various range from Straight Blade to Insulgrip Wiring Devices for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and even Hospital grade.

A wide range of products for the protection of electrical and electronic circuits….Fuse Links, Fuse Holders and Fusegear